Monday, February 15 Devotion

Reading: I John 2:1-6; Deut. 32:11; Ps. 17:8

from Lynda Lindsey

Lent: A Journey to the Cross

The King Is Coming; Prepare Ye the Way

Be a Copy-Cat on the Journey; Walk as Jesus Did

This is how we know we are in Him:

Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did. I John 2:5a-6

Moses, prior to Joshua’s leadership, sings of God’s goodness to the Israelites:

He (God) shielded him and cared for him; He guarded him…

like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads

its wings to catch them and carries them on its pinions. Deut. 32:10b-11

…Hide me in the shadow of your wings…Psalm 17:8

John offers assurance and love to us, not just warning us away from sin, but reminding us that if we confess our sin, God is faithful and just to remove our sin and make us clean, made possible only because Jesus became our atoning sacrifice. Our desire is to not sin but it’s comforting to know we have an advocate when we fall short. John urges us to walk as Jesus did; thus we obey God and invite others to know and love God too.

Walk as Jesus did and copy His behavior and ideas…be a copy-cat. It’s no fun being the subject of a mocking copy-cat in childhood. But it is fitting for us to copy Jesus’ actions and ways because He is just, good, loving, kind, and merciful. Jesus walked with God in total trust, obedience, and subjection; in humility and dependence. The more we rehearse Jesus’ attributes the more Christ-like we become. A worthy goal!

God is not only good; He shields, cares for, and watches over us. Picture an eagle sheltering and protecting her young by spreading her wings over them, gathering them close underneath in the nest, away from predators. When eaglets learn to fly the mother swoops underneath a tired bird and catches it up on her own wings or back to prevent a fall. What a comforting analogy of the God we love and serve, the God who instructs us to love Him with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our strength; and our neighbor as ourselves.

Keep the goal in sight. We are on a journey to prepare for the coming King. Refuse Satan’s lies, discouragement, self-doubt. The road is not promised to be easy or trouble free; it will take many twists and turns. Be a copy-cat. Pray to become more and more like Jesus in thought, word, and deed. Trust God. Walk expectantly. Welcome and obey His Word. Confess sin. Rejoice in God’s forgiveness. Experience God’s protection, care and deliverance. Jettison the rugged independent streak; live in community. Share the Good News. Celebrate life now, and forevermore!