Sunday, February 28 Devotion

from Ross Kronenbitter

Reading: Luke 13:1-9

Are we trying to fix ourselves or are we willing to turn to the one who can? 

Jesus reminds us that we will all die but that that our souls need not perish. His pilgrimage to the cross and triumph over death assure us of this. The parable of the fig tree poses another question which serves to remind, encourage, self-examine and warn us. “Are we bearing the fruit of a repentant heart and life? (Lk 3:8) If not, is it because we believe that we have done “enough” to satisfy God’s standard of righteousness? (Rom 3:10) Certainly not, but have we assured ourselves that we are “OK” with God and left ourselves deaf and blind to what God is doing around us and what He is calling us to? (Lk 3:8,9) 

Wherever we are on our spiritual journey and whatever our religious pedigree is, this Lenten season is the perfect time to obey Jesus by turning to Him with our whole heart and sincerely asking Him to show us how we might more deeply enter the humble life of prayerful gratitude and self-sacrifice that He modeled for us. He is the Lord of the harvest. Let us ask Him to humble us and guide us in turning to him with our entire lives and trust, removing any barriers of sin so that we might be fruitful for His Kingdom and glory.

Lord Jesus. You know us better than we know ourselves. Your gracious plan and will for us is more glorious than we can imagine. Forgive us our complacency, self-justification and idolatry. Turn us to you and change our hearts. Lord, I wish to be your child and your disciple. Lead me where you would have me go and guide me to do that which you have planned. May I be a joyful servant and bearer of the good news of your saving love and grace. In Your Blessed Name, Lord Jesus, Amen