Thursday, March 17 Devotion

From Janet Hostenske

Reading: Ps. 31:9-16; Is. 53:10-13; Heb. 2:1-9

Upon my first reading of suggested scriptures, I immediately claimed Hebrews 2:1-9.   After all, Tom Fettke’s anthem, Majesty and Glory of Your Name *swells in my chest when I let the dog out at night;    “ the moon and stars suspended in space..but what is man that you are mindful of him”.  But I misread the scripture….Hebrews 2: 6    reads “…. who is this Son of Man you honor.”    Oops… The anthem I dearly love is Psalm 8 not Hebrews.   Another clue I initially missed “…for in the book of Psalms David says to God..” Hebrew’s 2: 6   Hmmm… The New Testament scripture is built on the Old.   The passages are linked….God’s plan.  

         God reveals Himself when we are ripe for more understanding.    Since God put us and the Son of Man “in charge of all creation”  Hebrews 2:8 & Psalm 8:6I should use this Lenten season to be in closer communion with God’s plan.

*Link to hear anthem:

Dear 4th Church,                                           1/18/16

Thank you for extending this opportunity for continued faith journey.   It has confirmed some of beliefs and revealed additional thoughts to ponder.

                In Christian Fellowship,

                       Janet Hostenske

                              River Road Presbyterian Richmond VA