Wednesday, March 16 Devotion

from Mary Hostenske

Reading: Ps. 20; Hab. 3:2-15; Luke 18:31-34

What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s happening…

Every Lent, my mother and I pull out our copies of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar,’ the Andrew Lloyd Webber rock opera that follows the story of Jesus’ life from Palm Sunday through the Resurrection. One of the musical themes that characterizes the chorus of apostles is first presented as the song “What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s happening…” (See link below). In the song, the chorus of apostles overwhelms the lone voice of Jesus with their doubts and questions about the future. Jesus offers what explanations he can, but at conclusion of the song, the listener is left with the impression that just like in this passage (Luke 18: 31-34), the apostles were too overwhelmed with the worldly concerns to truly hear the word of the Lord.

As we move through the Lenten season we should take time to remember to not be like the apostles, letting the noise of our surroundings and our doubts overwhelm us, but instead we should be active listeners for the Good News of God’s presence in our lives.

     “What’s the buzz?”  (