Saturday, March 19 Devotion

from Pam Hogan

Reading: Psalm 31:9-16; Lev. 23:1-8; Luke 22:1-13

“...I have become like broken pottery.”   Psalm 31:12(NIV)

What do we do when our hearts are battered or our shoulders are sunk low ; what do we do when can’t stand the sight of ourselves in the our mirrors ?

We often can’t  control the “whats” in life from happening: grief at the loss of a loved one; disappointment from a goal unachieved; self-contempt for our own sinfulness. Where do we turn in our brokenness? We can choose where to go with our shattered selves.

In today’s Psalm, we see David in all his vulnerability. He is brought low by the pursuit and slander of his enemies; he likens himself to clay shards, broken earthenware, cast aside and seemingly, without a friend. However, he prays to believe God cares about him and that God is trustworthy, despite circumstances. He gives his desires and despairs to the Lord.

 Contrast David with Judas, as he is revealed in the passage from the book of Luke. Jesus doesn’t turn out to be the powerbroker Judas had in mind. We’re not certain exactly what  is in

Judas’ thoughts- disappointment? contempt?- but his greedy heart is exposed; he has not yielded his hurts and desires to God’s will. Though his feet are carrying him to be with Jesus, Judas has allowed his brokenness to drive his heart and mind to betray the Lord.

 Then, there’s Jesus; in today’s Scripture verses, He has the room readied for His Last Supper.  The Passover meal is being prepared and what it has long foreshadowed will come with the sunrise; Jesus’ chosen “brokenness” is just beyond the horizon…

 Heavenly Father, help us to give our hurts and griefs to You; Spirit, enable us to trust in Your loving care and counsel in our disappointments. Thank You, Jesus, for Your willingness to be shattered ... for us.

                                                                                                    P.S. Hogan