Monday, March 14 Devotion

from Mary Hostenske

Hebrews 10: 19-25

Confidence * True Heart * Faith * Love * Together* Encouragement

Keeping our faith in God should not be a passive endeavor. We must be active believers of the Good News and join together as a community of believers so that we may enrich each other’s lives in Christ.

Prior to joining Fourth Church, I lived in a community of anthropology graduate students- a community of predominately non-believers. During that period I considered myself a Christian, since that was how I was raised, but after I started actively participating at Fourth Church I noticed a change in my relationship with God. As a student, I understood God’s love for me as an intellectual concept; as an active seeker, I truly began to know God’s love in my heart.

This passage (Hebrews 10: 19-25) reminds us that we should say “NO!” to hiding the light of our faith under a bushel. Even though in the modern world it may seem that we sometimes stand apart as Christians, we can do so with the support of our fellow believers and our confidence in God’s faith in us.