Advent Devotion - Tuesday, December 12

Readings: Psalm 27; Isaiah 4:2-6; Acts 11:1-18

by Eric Amundson

The Psalm is beautiful.  Why would we ever be afraid?  What is it that we want that could be threatened?  Security? Comfort?  No.  What we want more than anything else is to be with the Lord.

Isaiah gives us a glimpse of life in a heavenly Jerusalem where all who are there have their names written in the book of life.

And the Acts passage answers who this picture of glory is for?  The joy of this special relationship with God has always been restricted to the Children of Israel.  But God has made it clear to Peter, the leader of the church in Jerusalem, that the gospel is now available for anyone - Jew or Gentile.  This is a surprise.  But it is no longer about birth.  It's about faith - and that's available to all.  

We live in emotionally divisive times.  People hold opinions strongly.  What is valued, who is in and who is out, the ways that we identify ourselves are all things that are contended these days.  All these passages speak of trust and faith in the midst of so much contentiousness.  In the end, what matters is the presence of God.  No one but God can take that away from us.  There is nothing and no one else to fear.  And it is a promise for anyone who believes.