Advent Devotion - Monday, December 18

from Max Shokrollazadeh

Psalm 125

1 Kings 18:1-18

Ephesians 6:10-17

Today’s passages have the overarching theme of faith. Having faith is something that I often struggle with. Often  it is because I’m impatient and want things done immediately and on my own terms. 

However, today’s passages reminded me why it is so important to have Faith In God and His plans. Especially the passage with Obadiah and Elijah. 

I think it is easy to empathize with Obadiah and the position he is in. Jezebel has slain many of the prophets and Obadiah hid many others in the midst of this persecution. However, Obadiah does what Elijah asks because he knows that Elijah is doing the will of God. He trusts that God will not put him to harm even though there is a very clear danger that surrounds him. 

Having faith can be challenging sometimes. The world in which we live is full of despair and heartache. We must remind ourselves to be equipped with the armor of God. Including the shield of faith which we can protect ourselves from the evil one. If we place or faith in Jesus, we cannot be shaken or moved.

Prayer: Father, may our faith be bolstered this advent season as we anticipate the coming of your son. Remind us that our faith be not placed in the hands of humans, but rather be placed in you. Help us to keep the shield of faith close at hands to resist all the snares that the enemy may setup for us. We pray this in your holy name. Amen