Advent Devotion - Wednesday, December 23

from Janet Hostenske

Psalm 89:1     “I will sing of thy steadfast love, O Lord forever.   With my mouth I will proclaim thy faithfulness to all generations.”

Without revealing my age, I’ve been a member of RiverRoad Presbyterian long enough to sing with children  of children I directed in the Sunbeam Choir ( 5 year olds)    It is heartwarming to see 3-4 generations of families worshipping together.   Sitting amongst family,  young children learn the Christmas carols before they are able to turn pages of the hymnal.   Family and congregation make good their Baptismal promise to share the Good News with little ones.   The Good News is not just for little ones, nor does it have to be sung.   Our fair, honest, compassionate behavior can “ sing” of God’s steadfast love through JesusChrist with fellow bus rider or store clerk.  

     For 2017 years the story of God With Us has been shared.    Let our hearts, hands and voices continue to tell all generations.