Advent Devotion - Sunday, December 24

from Janet Hostenske

Tonight the angels will proclaim  Light of the World has come for all people.  God’s gift for all.   God has blessed us all with unique gifts.   Jaroslav Yajda has the gift of words; composing the following poem.   Carl Schalk: the gift of arranging notes to create a musical picture. (If you can access the YouTube* you will feel angels breaking through the sky over Bethlehem with God’s proclamation of peace.)   God may have blessed you with the gift of teaching, organizing, building, listening, praying, ??? .   Whatever your gift;   share it abundantly to show that God is LOVE through JesusChrist.                 

                            Before the Marvel of this Night

         Before the marvel of this night, Adoring, fold your wings and bow,

         Then tear the sky apart with light and with your news the world endow.

         Proclaim the birth of Christ and peace, That fear and death and sorrow cease.

                                                      Sing gift of peace

         Awake the sleeping world with song, this is the day the Lord has made.  

         Assemble here, celestial throng, in royal splendor come arrayed.     

         Give earth a glimpse of heavenly bliss,   a teasing taste of what they miss  

                                                      Sing endless bliss

         The love that we have always known, Our constant joy and endless light.

         Now to the loveless world be shown.   Now break upon its deathly night.  

         Into one song compress the love that rules our universe above.

                                                      Sing God is love.


Janet Hostenske