Advent Devotion - Friday, December 8

from Mary Hostenske

Jeremiah 1:4-10

Acts 11: 19-26

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the presence of God in our daily lives. Amidst the expansive universe and the billions of people on Earth, it can be easy to feel lost among the multitude. How can God have a plan for each of us? How can he help us when so many of us cry out for help?

When I was in Sunday school in 5th grade, we were asked to paint a picture of what we thought God looked like. I painted God as a pair of gigantic sandaled feet and the bottom of a staff, since I thought He must be so huge that all we can see are his feet (I may also have been recently introduced to the animation in Monty Python’s Holy Grail).

Today’s passages from Jeremiah and Acts both mention the hand of the Lord being with the protagonists. The Lord reaches out his hand and touches Jeremiah’s mouth as a transfer of power and a show of guidance. The hand of the Lord was with the early Christians in Antioch as they worked to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and bring more followers to Christ.

It is important to remember that the hand of the Lord is with all of us, all the time. We may not have to be called to be a prophet like Jeremiah but even in our everyday tasks, struggles, and triumphs, His hand is with us always offering support and guidance. It may not be a visible appendage, like my childhood vision, but if we open our hearts to the Lord, we can feel His hand patting us on the back for a job well done and pulling us up by the arm when we need His strength and support.

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