I Had a Day

I got to sleep in a little today.  I usually get up at 6:00 to get Jed moving toward school.  He's usually to be at the bus stop by 6:45am.  But schools ran with a two hour delay, so I got to sleep in a little.  But it's late, now, and after getting Jed off to school, I spent nearly all the rest of the day and into the night working with an old friend to solve an electrical problem in our house.  We got it, and I'm exhausted.  

It's one of the days where I have not yet found an opportunity to open the Scripture.  It happens.  When I've read through the Bible in years past, I would catch up on days.  This year, the structure of the plan is for five days a week of reading.  The readings are not linked as much to a day as to a week.  

I will still read before I go to bed tonight.  I'm going to read through the Psalms continually.  And, as for the plan, I'll be back at it in the morning.  The school district has already canceled school tomorrow.  The high is projected to be 9 degrees above zero.  Jed can sleep in late.  I'm going to get up early and read, and I'm looking forward to it.  Join me.  

These are the readings this week:   Week 1

 Genesis 1-2; Psalm 19; Mark 1

 Gen 3-5; Mark 2

 Gen 6-8; Psalm 104; Mark 3

 Gen 9-11; Mark 4

 Gen 12-15; Psalm 148; Mark 5

And check on or download the whole reading program at: 5 Day Bible Reading Program