Back Home and Reading

It’s good to be home after about 10 days away and a few more recovering.  I had a wonderful trip to Israel.  All of the places that we read about in Scripture, they are not fictional.  They are as real as the stories and accounts of God’s work in this world - and His salvation for us.  

I will not go on about the trip and its affect on me except to say that I hope we bring all of our experience into our reading of scripture - and all of our scripture reading into our experience.  All the while, we trust the Spirit’s leading our interaction with His Word.  I’m sure as I continue to be in the Word this year, I will be reflecting on my experiences of the past couple weeks in the Holy Land, and it will make it all come the more alive.  And, for that, I’m grateful.  

This way of connecting Scripture to our lives set me up to further appreciate the lengths Jesus went to so that we could connect with him.  Today’s reading in Hebrews 4 proclaims how we can connect with Christ because he has suffered every temptation and hardship we have, yet did not sin as we have.  Now, he’s fully connected with us and with his Father.  And he is the high priest of helping us connect with the Father through him.