Leadership in Scripture

The conceptions of leadership and particularly the nature of monarchy - Kings and Queens - has been one of absolute authority throughout most of history and even the world today (with exceptions, of course).  But in a time when that notion was particularly universal, Moses, in the book of Deuteronomy, presents another picture.  Hundreds of years before the establishment of the monarchy, he provides a different vision of it.  Kings ought only be called by God, and they are to be subject to God - even to the point of considering themselves as equals to their fellow citizens.  The greatest threats to that notion of monarchy are internal.  And the scripture warns of temptations of power, lust and wealth.  It turns out even to best of kings are going to fall into those temptations in the coming years - all except one.  This Sunday is when we remember the Triumphal Entry and the establishment of his throne through a cross and resurrection.