Our Hiding Place 

from Lynda Lindsey

Psalm 143

Rescue me from my enemies, O Lord, for I hide myself in you.  Psalm 143:9

The Bible notes on this passage tell us that David wrote this while deeply depressed, devoid of hope and caught up in fear. We’ve all been there, right? Paralyzed. Unable to move forward. Afraid. And yet, David had the key; he hid himself in God. God, our hiding place. David identifies much about God’s nature in this Psalm. God listens, hears, and is faithful and righteous. God not only listens and hears our cries, but He answers. God’s face is towards us; He is full of unfailing love. He shows us the way, the path we should tread. God is our rescuer, teacher, leader, and preserver. He doesn’t just lead, but He leads us to level ground and brings us out of trouble. He silences our enemies, destroys all our foes. Who doesn’t want to hide oneself in a King like our God?

David also recognized his part in following hard after God. David’s, and our responsibility, is defined in this Psalm. We must remember God. Meditate on Him. Consider Him. Consider His ways. Rehearse God’s attributes and all He has accomplished for us. Pray with outstretched hands in trust and total dependency on God, ready to receive His good counsel. We lift up our soul to God. We hide in our God, wrapping God around us like a thick cloud of protection. And we kindle a teachable spirit within us. We obey. Who doesn’t want to hide oneself in a King like our God? Hide in Him. See what God in His infinite mercy will do! God made David a king. God makes us His sons and daughters! What a great hiding place!