The Poor and the Crippled

Luke is unrelenting in his portrayal of Jesus’ love for the poor and outcast of society, even to the scandal of the religious establishment.  Today’s reading in Luke 14 included:



For years, I’ve been inspired by the music of Rich Mullins - a Christian musician who died over 20 years ago.  And this past week I watched a recent documentary of his life that I found on Amazon Prime called Rich Mullins - A Ragamuffin’s Legacy.  He was a character who embodied these values and was a loving, heartbroken prophet to the church.  When he became successful in the world of contemporary Christian music, he handed the purse-strings to a manager and instructed him to give him a salary commensurate with an average American.  And he was known to be much more comfortable around those who didn’t fit in to an upstanding church.  But everyone - church-goers and outcasts alike - knew how much he loved Jesus.  

Luke quickly follows this passage with words of “carry your own cross,” “Count the cost,” and “giving up everything”.  I believe our culture is making it less ‘easy’ to be a follower of Jesus - but I also don’t think it was ever meant to be easy.  But the rewards are more than we could ask or imagine - the loving and eternal presence of a glorious God.  Rich Mullins called it, “The reckless, raging fury that we call the love of God.”  God’s rewards are the best.