A Banner Unfurled

from Lynda Lindsey

You have shown your people desperate times; You have given us wine that makes us stagger. But for those who fear You, You have raised a banner to be unfurled against the bow. Psalm 60:3-4

Give us aid against the enemy, for the help of man is worthless. With God we will gain the victory, and He will trample down our enemies. Psalm 60:11-12

Hard times. Desperate circumstances. Fractured, shaking, under attack. Rejected, seemingly, by both man and God; staggering as a man who has had too much to drink. What to do? Where to turn? Seek God’s help, deliverance, and restoration from the enemy! In Him alone is victory.

Just as a flag or standard flies high in battle as a rallying point for soldiers, so does God’s support, mercy, and love. The trick, however, for soldiers and God-followers alike, is that we must look for and rally under the right flag. To muster under just any flag is to run the risk of rallying around the enemy’s camp! 

David’s cry, and ours as well, is to a God who is in control and is a sure deliverer to those who love Him. In Jesus Christ we have One who has already accomplished the victory. Rally around Him. Rally under His banner. While it sounds simple, it’s far harder to accomplish in the heat of battle. But remember, to lose a minor skirmish doesn’t mean the whole war is lost. The war may rage but don’t lose heart. Our God is in control and the outcome is assured. Stay steady. Better times are ahead!