Church Vitality - Our Visioning Process

We have recently embarked on a Visioning Process with a leader from our Presbytery - Rev. Paul Becker of Bakerstown Presbyterian Church (EPC).  A team has met with Paul for our first meeting, and we are looking to connect with our second in the coming weeks.  It is a process resourced by our denomination and utilized by churches around the country.  Paul has been trained in leading churches through the process and has done so with a number of churches, including his own.  

Part of that process will be engaging our congregation in prayer and conversation.  A number of the resources of our church will be centered around this process in the coming weeks, including a sermon series and devotionals in which we encourage you to participate to help facilitate our thinking and conversing together about our church vitality.  We'll have a limited number of paper copies of the devotional available beginning this Sunday, but we'll also make each day's devotional available on the blog.  We strongly encourage you to join in and converse around the devotionals on the comment section of each day.  If you would like to make a comment, just click on the highlighted Title of the devotion and a comment section will become available.  We hope this breeds a wider conversation throughout our church.  

The Devotional series begins with an introduction which outlines the weeks.  These will also be the focus of the messages in the coming weeks, starting with Nehemiah this Sunday.  Take a look:

50 Days to Vitality

Our church has entered the ministry of G.O.1 – Building Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix, choosing to shape the future by discerning God’s vision and taking the spiritual strategic steps needed to make that future come to pass. G.O.1 is a holistic process that will engage the church’s people in many ways over a significant period of time. In fact, this is not an isolated event in the life of the church, but the establishing of a culture, a lifestyle, of vitality that will enable your church to begin building a ministry of health, growth and multiplication.  Vitality is a ministry way of life.  

50 Days to Vitality calls for a personal commitment on your part to embrace the process fully and to prepare yourself to play a vital role in moving your church forward toward God’s future.  It’s important for you to be connected spiritually and strategically to all that will emerge as G.O.1 unfolds.  Fifty days (7x7+1) have been carefully selected to help form the foundation, spanning eight Sundays, a total of seven weeks and a day.

Each of the seven weeks focuses on a particular emphasis that is seminal to the G.O.1 process.  On Sunday of each week, a Thought for the Week is presented to establish that week’s emphasis.  Monday through Friday feature a Thought for the Day, short Scripture readings accompanied by devotional commentary that connect thematically with that same emphasis.  On Saturday of each week, directed prayer is offered, seeking God’s guidance and power as the ministry of the church gains G.O.1 momentum.  A Final Thought is presented on Day 50 that serves as a climax to 50 Days to Vitalityand as a launch pad to all that follows.  An 8-Sunday preaching series throughout will accompany our effort.  

God the Father Almighty and our church deserve our focus and commitment to 50 Days to Vitality.Commit today to give your fifty days.

Week 1 Emphasis:   A Study of Nehemiah 1: Vitality Begins – Nehemiah 1:1-11

Week 2 Emphasis:   A Study of the Disciplines of Great Commission Churches – Selected Texts

Week 3 Emphasis:   A Study of the Great Promise of Matthew 16:13-18

Week 4 Emphasis:   A Study of the Great Commandment of Matthew 22:34-40

Week 5 Emphasis:   A Study of the Great Commission of Matthew 28:16-20

Week 6 Emphasis:   A Study of the Great Witness of Acts 1:8 (6-11)

Week 7 Emphasis:   A Study of the Great Mission of Luke 19:10 (1-10) and the Great Multiplication of Matthew 24:14