Day 13-Friday

Title: Great Commission Churches Reach the Lost – MISSIONAL MULTIPLICATION

Text: Luke 15:21-24

Thought for the Day:

Chapter 15 of the Gospel of Luke provides three teachings by Jesus concerning finding things, and people, that are lost.  First there is the shepherd who finds his lost sheep, then there is the woman who finds her lost coin, and finally there is the father who finds his lost son.  In every case, there is a celebration and Jesus makes it clear that there is rejoicing in heaven whenever someone comes to faith, whenever someone who is lost is found. 

These and other Scriptures press the point again and again of how important lost people are to God, and how important it is for the people of the church to make God’s priorities our priorities.  Yet, many churches go through the motions of ministry year after year reaching few if any with the saving message of the gospel, if they grow at all they grow by transfer and not by professions of faith.  Sadly, many churches are content with this ineffective witness, but the vital Great Commission Church reaches the lost.

Pray through the Thought for the Week as the Spirit leads you in your heart and in your mind.  Amen

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