Day 3 - Tuesday

Day 3   Tuesday:

Title:    The Beginning of Vitalization

Text:     Nehemiah 1:4

Thought for the Day:

Nehemiah’s response to the reality check is intriguing and instructive, giving us a look at how vitalization truly begins.  Nehemiah is deeply moved by the news that his people are struggling and that his city is weak and more vulnerable than ever before, and he chooses to take action. What action!  We are told in the text that for some days he wept and mourned, and that he continued fasting and praying.  This is as clear a picture of spiritual renewal as we will ever see.

In our day, the thoughts of church people often turn to strategic responses to struggle and decline. The solution is about methods or programs, we think, so we attend a conference or seminar, or we get the latest book on renewal or revitalization.  As important as these might be in finding a comprehensive solution, the starting point is spiritual.  When the leaders and congregations of our struggling churches seriously turn to God as they weep, mourn, fast and pray, churches will truly begin to vitalize.  

Pray through this Thought for the Day as the Spirit leads you in your heart and in your mind.  Amen.

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