Vitality Day 6

50 Days of Vitality

Day 6   Friday

Title:    His Vision – Our Success

Text:    Nehemiah 1:11

Thought for the Day:

Nehemiah prays for success and prays for mercy in the eyes of the king.  Why?  Apparently during his days of weeping, mourning, fasting and praying Nehemiah has been led by God to an important realization.  “Someone must do something about the state of God’s people and His holy city, and that someone is me!”  But Nehemiah is in no position simply to pull up stakes in the capital city of Susa and head to Jerusalem.  He serves as cupbearer to the king, a vital position where he stands between the king and possible death by assassins as the taste-tester of all that might enter the mouth of the king.  He cannot even speak to the king without invitation as to speak without invitation is a capital offense.  So, Nehemiah turns to the true power, the power of God.

God has a vision of a restored Jerusalem and He has called Nehemiah to be one of His restoration leaders. God’s vision, intently bathed in prayer and godly action, is our success.  Could it be that God has a vision of a restored 21stcentury church?  Could it be that He is calling you to serve Him in that restoration?  May He grant you success!

Pray through this Thought for the Day as the Spirit leads you in your heart and in your mind.  Amen.

Your Thoughts: