Day 39 – Wednesday

Title:    Don’t Just Stand There

Text:    Acts 1:9-11

Thought for the Day:

When Jesus ascended into heaven following His resurrection, it seems quite natural that the disciples would stand gazing into heaven, perhaps watching for the last glimpse of Jesus before He disappeared.  How often is it that people see someone taken up into heaven?  The text seems to suggest that these men failed to see the two men standing by them in white robes.  These men, obviously supernatural beings, inform the disciples that Jesus would one day return in the manner in which he was taken.  

The disciples appear to have little thought at that moment about the return of Jesus as they were transfixed on the spectacle before them, the Messiah rising to meet the clouds. If they are not to be looking into heaven, what should they be doing?  Surely there is a time to gaze at the majesty of Jesus Christ, but the assignment is to be His witnesses.

Pray through this Thought for the Day as the Spirit leads you in your heart and in your mind.  Amen.

Your Thoughts: