Day 41 – Friday

Title:    Witness Protection

Text:    Hebrews 12:1-2

Thought for the Day:

What enables us to stay the course over the span of life, remaining faithful as witnesses in the face of the many challenges that come our way?  First, there is the testimony of thousands of witnesses who have gone before us.  No, they are not in the bleachers of heaven witnessing that we do here on earth. They have gone to heaven before us as faithful witnesses to the love and power of God.  This great cloud of witnesses encourages us to remain faithful on our earthly watch, inspired by their faithfulness and the legacy they have left behind. 

Second, and more importantly, we are looking to Jesus, who founded our faith in Him and who perfects our faith through the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.  We are not alone as we endure anything that might be placed before us, and we know that one day we will join those witnesses who have gone ahead, as we all fix our eyes on Jesus.  

Pray through this Thought for the Day as the Spirit leads you in your heart and in your mind.  Amen.

Your Thoughts: