Day 44 – Monday

Title:    To See Jesus

Text:    Luke 19:1-4

Jesus is passing through Jericho.  Why? He is on his way to Jerusalem where He will die on the cross.  Surely there is much on His mind.  But a small, rather inconsequential man named Zacchaeus wants to see Jesus.  Zacchaeus is much reviled by the average person living in Jericho because he is a tax collector, collecting, if not extorting, whatever he can from the Jewish population to give money to their occupiers, the Romans, lining his own pockets along the way.  

But on this day, Zacchaeus is not concerned with taxes, fellow Jews or the occupying Romans.  He is determined to see Jesus.  The text tells us that he ran ahead of Jesus and climbed a tree, as he was short of stature and couldn’t see over the crowd. One wonders how long it has been since Zacchaeus ran or clawed his way to the top of a tree.  But on this day, nothing will stop him from seeing Jesus. Why is seeing Jesus so important?

Pray through this Thought for the Day as the Spirit leads you in your heart and in your mind.  Amen.

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