Week 6: Days 36-42

Emphasis: A Study of the Great Witness – Acts 1:8

Day 36 – Sunday: Proclamation

Title:    The Great Witness

Text:     Acts 1:6-11

Thought for the Week:

Like many of us, the disciples have misunderstood what Jesus is up to and are asking questions that are not relevant to the plan of God.  They have wrongly assumed that the kingdom of God so often mentioned by Jesus is an earthly, physical kingdom.  Since they are thinking in temporal terms, they question Jesus about the timing of things.  

Jesus informs them that these matters are known only to God the Father.  In other words, it’s none of their business.  What is their business is how they will be used when the Holy Spirit is poured out upon them.  From that point on, they are to be witnesses to a lost world concerning the gospel message of Jesus.  This appears to be the final statement by Jesus before He ascended into heaven. Everything that Jesus said is of great importance, but perhaps none more so than these final words.  

At the moment, however, the disciples seem more focused on the ascent of Jesus into heaven than on His last words, but soon the Holy Spirit would come upon them and they would begin their ministries of witness.  The vital church bears witness to the work, the person, and the love of Jesus Christ as He brings salvation to the lost through this same Holy Spirit who was poured into the dsciples soon after the ascension of Christ.

Pray through this Thought for the Week as the Spirit leads you in your heart and in your mind.  

Your Thoughts: