Day 37 – Monday

Title:   Need to Know Basis

Text:    Acts 1:6-7

Thought for the Day:

It seems that the disciples have missed the point.  Having witnessed the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, they are putting two and two together and coming up with, well, not four.  Having seen what God has done, they are speculating as to what God will do, and this speculation has an agenda, their agenda to restore the physical kingdom, now occupied by the Romans, to Israel.  They have misunderstood that the mission of Jesus Christ is to seek and save the lost.

They asked Jesus for a timeline for this restoration, and are promptly told that there is no need for them to have this information as God’s timing is His and His alone.  Where should the thoughts of the disciples be? What actions should they be undertaking? If it’s not their place to know the times or seasons fixed by the Father, what is it their place to know? What should they be thinking and what should they be doing?  What should we be thinking and doing?

Pray through this Thought for the Day as the Spirit leads you in your heart and in your mind.  Amen.

Your Thoughts: