[This is a special post from Beverly Abajian]

EXODUS  CHAPTERS 7-14  You may ask yourself, why so many plagues?  I mean just one plague could have done the job. Couldn’t He just kill the firstborn first and be done with the whole scenario?  And why did the Lord keep hardening Pharaoh’s heart? Can you imagine the Israelites saying, ‘ C’mon now, Lord’, surely this one will be the last plague and then we will be free and Pharaoh will let us go at last.  Or, ‘ Surely this is it, I mean how much worse can things get before Pharaoh lets us go. Exodus 10:1-2 “ Now the LORD said to Moses, ‘ Go in to Pharaoh; for I have hardened his heart and the hearts of his servants, that I may show these signs of Mine before him,  ‘and that you may tell in the hearing of your son and your son’s son the mighty things I have done in Egypt.

Just a quick review.  There were 10 plagues all toward the Egyptians.   Exodus 7:20 The 1st one was turning water into blood.  Pharaoh hardened his heart. He was not impressed.  His magicians did the same. Exodus 8:2 2nd Plague.  Frogs. Same.  Pharaoh’s heart hardened. Exodus 8:19  3rd Plague- Lice.  Same. Pharaoh’s heart hardened.   4th Plague- Flies.  Exodus:21. Its starting to get to Pharaoh.  He asks Moses to intercede to God for him, but he still hardens his heart.  5th Plague.- Livestock.   Exodus 9:6. Same Pharaoh hardens his heart.  6th Plague -  Boils - Exodus 9:9  Same Pharaoh’ s heart hardened.  7th Plague –  Hail. Exodus 9:27.  Pharaoh admits his sin for him and his people and says, ‘The Lord is righteous, …’’  But then hardens his heart again once the plague stops. 9th Plague –Locusts -  Exodus 10:4 Pharaoh confesses his sin again and starts to make concessions  but not totally. He says, you can go but just your Men can go. But after God  stops the locusts, Pharaoh hardens his heart again. 9th Plague- Darkness.  Exodus 10:22 - Pharaoh  offers to let the people and their families go but not the livestock.  But no go for Moses and Pharaoh’s heart hardens again. Well things are winding down,  this is it. 10th Plague- Death of Firstborn .  Exodus 12:29 Finally- Pharaoh says, take everything you have and leave but just bless me.  Free at last but not for long. Again Pharaoh’s heart hardens and he pursues the Israelites, but the Lord  intervenes and keeps them safe and makes a total end of the Egyptian army.

Boy, wouldn’t we like our trials and tribulations to be over.  Gee, Lord, we say, I learned my lesson so why does this ‘thing’ need to continue?   We do not know, but we have to trust that He knows what is best for our situation.   When Pharaoh started to ‘get it’, He started to make foxhole supplications. He told God he was sorry ( But just until the plague, or problem went away)  don’t we do the same. Then he started to make small concessions. Well you can go but not your family. Then he said, you and your family can go , but not your livestock.  Don’t’ we do that too. Well, Lord, can I just give 5% maybe 6 or 7 of my money? Why all of this injustice, violence, hatred, killing of the unborn, trafficked victims, persecution, etc.  Why is God taking so long ? Parting the Red Sea and Freedom are likened unto Heaven. Sometimes things get worse before they get better. But in God’s perspective, He has a plan. He sees ahead.  He sees the Big Picture. He sees that the Egyptian army will be destroyed in the Red sea. He sees that Pharaoh needs to ‘see’ Him. He sees that the Israelites need to have their faith built up. It ain’t over yet, But God has a plan  Help us Lord to be patient and trust you on this side of Heaven The wicked seem to reign and we think how much more evil can things get. We want to be raptured now; we want the 2nd Coming now.   But He has a plan.