In God We Trust

from Lynda Lindsey

O Israel, trust in the Lord! He is their help and their shield. … You who fear the Lord, trust in the Lord! He is their help and their shield. Psalm 115:9; 11

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness! Psalm 115:1

Those who make them (idols, the work of human hands) become like them; so do all who trust in them. Psalm 115:8

It’s easier to trust something tangible, something we can physically touch and see, something solid and visible, like an idol, rather than something abstract. Abstract thoughts and ideas, void of concrete objects, are harder to understand. Yet in spiritual matters, we walk by faith, not by sight. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Pledging total loyalty to an unseen God is the way of eternal life, truth, and blessing. To trust idols, the work of human hands, is to become as lifeless and useless as the image itself. God, although invisible, is not unknowable. 

God allows Himself to be known. He walked and talked with Adam and Eve and revealed Himself to Moses through the burning bush. God led the Israelites day and night with a pillar of cloud and fire. God’s names and His attributes enable us to know Him personally, not just know about Him. Jesus, God’s exact representation, made like us in all aspects, except without sin, the One in whom we trust to save us from sin, reveals God to us. To know Jesus is to know God; when we know God in all His glory and majesty, His steadfast love and faithfulness, our heart’s desire is to glorify Him.

It is God we trust, not idols fashioned from silver and gold, idols that are mute, deaf and blind. Our God is a God that sees and hears and speaks and knows. God, immortal and invisible, the all wise, all knowing God and King, is our helper, our trust and shield. A God who save us when we cry out, a God who gives us peace and rest. Our God is a God of the living, not the dead and lifeless. We trust a God whose work is finished, a God who sits in the Father’s presence interceding for us day and night, a God worthy of our fear and trust. The choice is ours. Idols? Or the Living God?