Favorite Passage: Romans 12:11

from Mary Ann Speer

I have always been a doer. If something needs done I can do it, no problem. But sometimes those things to do became a burden or didn't get done as they should have, but at least I tried. Yep, me, I tried.  Then at some point in my reading I came across Romans 12:11 and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  It's not about me!!  Stepping in and "doing" was my way of giving myself worth and showing others how important I was. But God ( I love that phrase!!) is the One who gives me worth, not by anything I can do but by the precious sacrifice of His Son, Jesus.  And my true response can only be a zeal, an impassioned striving, to serve only Him and in doing so, to serve others.  That gives me the freedom to do what He calls me to do and to let others do what I am not called to do. I can say "No" and not feel guilty if the request is not what God calls me to do.  And I can say "Yes" even in my inadequacy if God has called me to a certain task, knowing that He will accomplish His good purpose.  What an amazing God we serve with zeal!  I pray I would never be lacking in it!!